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[S1E7] Nest Box

Critics praised part 1 of the fourth season for its writing, suspense, and performances, with many singling out Linney for praise. Brian Lowry of CNN praised showrunner Chris Mundy for "impressively navigat[ing] the story from one seemingly inescapable corner to the next," writing that the season "unfold[s] with a perpetual sense of dread."[52] Stuart Jeffries of The Guardian gave part 1 five out of five stars, praising Linney's "chilling" performance and comparing Wendy's arc to Lady Macbeth.[53] Nandini Balial of praised the additions of Damian Young and Adam Rothenberg to the main cast, and felt Garner's performance as Ruth "will go down in history as one of the finest ever seen on television or streaming services."[54]

[S1E7] Nest Box

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Luz returns home to find Eda and King asleep with the baby bats, as the Bat Queen comes in to pick up her kids. She gives them a loaded treasure chest, and an Aztec death whistle for their troubles and leaves. Luz then gives Eda an empty-nester book, seeing that she and King were sad to see them leave.

Meanwhile, at an upscale restaurant, Cordelia finds herself bored by Pierce and his futures trading exploits, and she entertains herself by imagining what her fellow team members might be up to. In fact, Angel and Doyle are in the midst of a bracing battle in the vampire nest, where they arrived just in time to save the weakened but still breathing victim. Angel mentions Doyle's reluctance to morph into demon even when he's fighting, which would enhance his strength. After they dust all visible vamps, Angel elects to take their charge home, and he sends Doyle back to the office. As they leave, a large, mean-looking vamp emerges from hiding. 041b061a72


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