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Download Subway Surfers Halloween app and join the most daring chase

Download App Subway Surfers Halloween: A Spooky Adventure on Your Phone

Do you love running games that are fast-paced, colorful, and exciting? Do you enjoy celebrating Halloween with spooky costumes, decorations, and treats? If you answered yes to both questions, then you should definitely download app Subway Surfers Halloween! This is a special edition of the popular endless runner game Subway Surfers that features a Halloween theme. In this game, you can run through haunted subways, dodge scary obstacles, collect creepy items, and have tons of fun!

What is Subway Surfers Halloween?

Subway Surfers Halloween is a free mobile game that is available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. It is developed by SYBO Games and Kiloo Games, who are also behind the original Subway Surfers game. Subway Surfers Halloween is one of the many seasonal updates that the game receives throughout the year. It was first released in October 2012 and has been updated several times since then.

download app subway surfers halloween

Download File:

To download app Subway Surfers Halloween, you just need to visit your device's app store and search for "Subway Surfers". You will see a logo that has a pumpkin on it. Tap on it and follow the instructions to install it on your device. Alternatively, you can also use these links to download app Subway Surfers Halloween directly:

How to Play Subway Surfers Halloween?

The gameplay of Subway Surfers Halloween is similar to the original Subway Surfers game. You control one of the characters who is running away from the grumpy inspector and his dog. You can swipe left or right to change lanes, swipe up to jump, and swipe down to roll. You can also use the hoverboard to glide over the tracks, or activate power-ups to boost your performance.

The characters in Subway Surfers Halloween are dressed in different costumes, such as vampires, witches, zombies, and more. You can unlock them by completing missions, collecting tokens, or buying them with coins or keys. You can also customize their outfits and accessories to suit your style.

The hoverboards in Subway Surfers Halloween are also themed after Halloween. You can ride on a broomstick, a coffin, a pumpkin, and more. Each hoverboard has a special ability that can help you in the game. For example, the broomstick can fly over obstacles, the coffin can protect you from crashes, and the pumpkin can attract more coins.

The power-ups in Subway Surfers Halloween are useful items that can give you an edge in the game. You can find them on the tracks or buy them with coins. Some of the power-ups are jetpack, magnet, 2x multiplier, and score booster. The jetpack lets you fly over the tracks and collect coins in the air, the magnet attracts all the coins near you, the 2x multiplier doubles your score for a limited time, and the score booster increases your starting score.

The locations in Subway Surfers Halloween are based on different cities around the world that celebrate Halloween. You can run through New Orleans, Transylvania, Mexico City, and more. Each location has its own unique scenery, music, and obstacles. You will encounter ghosts, bats, skeletons, and other spooky creatures along the way.

Why Should You Play Subway Surfers Halloween?

There are many reasons why you should play Subway Surfers Halloween. Here are some of them:

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