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Far Cry 4 Pc Patch 1.5.0 Download

Ubisoft has deployed patch 1.4.0 to the PC version of Far Cry 4, with claims that it fixes both the black and grey screen issues some players were having. An additional update has been released that fixed. Only files changed were FC64.dll & IGE.WPF.Core64.dll In game version is 1.6.0 Just a.

Far Cry 4 Pc Patch 1.5.0 Download

PC Patch 1.6.0 - Save Error - Fix Incoming With the Uplay download of the latest PC patch, 1.6.0, we have received reports that players are unable to save their progress or retain their existing saves. We're very sorry for this inconvenience and any additional trouble caused by this issue. Fortunately, for those affected, we now have a solution that should allow saving to work as normal.

I did, but it seemed to sort itself out after after deleting the GamerProfile.xml and resetting in-game video settings to default, saving, restarting, resetting video settings to how I wanted, quitting, resetting the game's profile in Nvidia Control Panel to default, changing GPUMaxBufferedFrames to '1' in the newly generated GamerProfile.xml. Yeah I was trying a bunch of stuff to fix a few issues. This procedure also fixed Nvidia Soft Shadows and Godrays which were broken & non-existent respectively previously. This was all during 1.5.0.

Ubisoft arbeitet auch Wochen nach Release von Far Cry 4 fieberhaft an der Verbesserung des Ego-Shooters. Patch 1.5.0 ist das vorläufige Ergebnis dieser Bemühungen. Das neue Update steht ab sofort für die PC-Version zum Download bereit. Der neue Patch optimiert unter anderem die Maus-Steuerung und behebt Probleme mit der Tastenbelegung. Außerdem könnt ihr Far Cry 4 in der korrekten Auflösung auf Bildschirmen im 21:9 Format spielen. Des Weiteren entfernt das Entwicklerstudio die Grafik-Presets von Nvidia. Auch soll Far Cry 4 nun flüssiger laufen, wenn ihr eure Partie ins Netz streamt. Im offiziellen Ubisoft-Forum werden die Bemühungen von Ubisoft weitgehend positiv aufgenommen.


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