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Just Cause 2 !!HOT!!

They said that its "over-the-top" action and emphasis on player freedom would distinguish Just Cause 2 from other open world games.[13] According to Peter Johansson, many gameplay mechanics were so "crazy" that they hesitated when testing the game; they were included in the final product because it was thought that they would make the game fun to play, meeting the franchise's main goal of performing many stunts in a massive open world. Since Just Cause's grappling hook was praised,[14] the team made it more accessible and easier to use as an essential part of the sequel's combat system.[12] The team also refined the parachute, making it more realistic and giving players more control of its movement. They added the Chaos system, enhancing player freedom by allowing them to progress through the game in a number of ways instead of completing missions.[7]

Just Cause 2

The game is set in Panau, described as an island with a variety of landscapes and cultures (including Japan, Thailand and the Malay Archipelago). The team chose the setting because they considered that its exoticism suited an action game.[7] Hawaii and New Zealand also inspired the game world.[14] Although the game's plot was unconnected to Just Cause, it featured a more-experienced Rico as the protagonist.[16] According to game director Magnus Nedfors, the team retained the first game's "campy" tone.[14] The narrative remained light and the game was made into something intentionally "silly"; the team "don't take ourselves or our game too seriously".[17] Plot was not the primary focus of Just Cause 2, and the team took three to five months to create the story.[18] The game runs on Avalanche Software's upgraded Avalanche Engine. Unlike Just Cause, it was released only for seventh-generation consoles and its graphics were not limited by the restrictions of older consoles. Since it is set in an open world, Avalanche co-founder Linus Bloomberg thought a long draw distance was essential to motivate players to explore the game world and the engine was modified to accommodate that feature.[19] The PC version runs on DirectX 10 hardware, and is incompatible with Windows XP.[20] The PlayStation 3 version allows the user to capture gameplay video and export it to the XMB or upload it to YouTube.[21] However, most content is identical across all platforms.[12]

Rico Rodriguez is back! After liberating the small Island of San Esperito, the CIA-agent is on his way to the island paradise Panau to find a former colleague: Agent Tom Sheldon. During an undercover-investigation, he vanishes and with him two million dollars. Money, the Agency desperately wants back, especially as they believe that Tom changed sides. So Rico has to infiltrate the criminal organisations of Panau as Scorpio to flush out Tom Sheldon and bring him to justice while plunging the country into chaos - but that's more of a bonus than a real objective...

Rico Rodriguez - the protagonist of Just Cause (1) - is back, but now on the island of Panau in the Malay Archipelago. Rico, working for the Agency, has to infiltrate various factions and cause chaos around Panau to unseat the dictator Pandak "Baby" Panay.

After downloading the information about the factions onto his PDA, Rico completes the first stronghold takeover mission for one of the three factions. After this first stronghold takeover, Rico can do more faction missions and stronghold takeovers or pursue more chaotic activities. After Rico has caused enough chaos, the Sloth Demon, alongside any faction leader, will inform Rico of their information regarding The White Tiger. This results in the third Agency mission where Rico must talk to an informant who knows Ken Pang in Bandar Lengkok Sungai. Rico is then directed to the old Lengkok Sungai Gambler's Den, where Ken Pang is scheduled to be executed. After saving Ken Pang from the Gambler's Den Gambling Group, he leads Rico to a wrecked ship across the Lautan Lama Desert where Rico locates a dead drop. After finding it and eliminating a colonel, a Panau Military UH-10 Chippewa arrives and attempts to kill Rico. Rico hijacks the helicopter or shoots it down (player's choice) and proceeds to arrive at the location where the White Tiger is hiding. As he arrives, he is tranquilized and eventually finds himself hanging upside down before being freed by Sheldon at the Rajang Temple. Tom revealed that he was the Black Market dealer and the Sloth Demon (Sloth Demon is an anagram to Tom Sheldon.) After their reunification, the Panau Military suddenly attacks the two agents, forcing them to fight their way through them. After the fighting, Rico (more-so Sheldon) then discovers that Karl Blaine bugged his PDA with the earlier information. Tom Sheldon tells Rico to keep causing chaos, then hops on a truck and leaves the site.

After time passed with enough chaos caused, Tom informs Rico that Jade went missing and that they have to find her. Jade Tan is now with Baby Panay in his mountain fortress, the massive Kastelo Singa military base. Rico goes to the base and is tasked with causing as much chaos as possible, including destroying four vent stations. After fighting through throngs of highly trained soldiers and destroying the four vent stations, Jade Tan is swiftly taken away from the base via several MV vehicles, including two MV Command vehicles and an MV V880 operated by ninjas. Rico must jump from the base to catch up with Jade. Once he reaches her, Rico and Jade get aboard an Agency H-62 Quapaw. Jade Tan then briefs the team about three agents sent by China, Russia, and Japan to survey the country for an untold opportunity.

After the shootout at the Three King Hotel, Rico and his other agents are determined to find and kill Baby Panay with help with one of the three factions. Rico with the faction of his choosing storms the Wajah Ramah Fortress with several members, causing chaos along the way. After an immense amount of fighting and chaos, including the destruction of three anti-aircraft cannons, Rico finds Pandak Panay. After Rico eliminates the personnel, Pandak reveals himself, and Rico finally finds out why the superpowers are interested in Panau: Panauan Oil. Rico is about to move on Panay, but then Karl Blaine surprises Panay from behind with a fragmentation grenade, and commits a murder-suicide, seemingly bringing Pandak Panay down with him. Rico fights his way through numerous Panauan Secret Servicemen to open the dome entrance and then escapes just as the dome self-destruct sequence completes, blowing up the dome.

Compared to the first and future games, Just Cause 2 has been the most popular Just Cause title for several years. This is because Just Cause 2 was among one of the first "open-world sandbox" games popularized through the internet.

In Just Cause 2, you are not confined within artificial walls or forced to do things the way anyone else intended. Almost instantly, you are given complete freedom to venture off the beaten path and go wild. Judging by the player data we've collected over the years, a lot players do just that.

"How to Be a Video Games Journalist," Lesson 37: Using Game Titles for Puns and Cutting Swiftian Jibes. A game name like Just Cause is absolute gold for the reviewer, since it can mean both "(a) just cause", a righteous agenda, or the phrase "just (be)cause", a dismissive explanation of whimsical or reckless behavior. The opportunity for puns is obvious. Why would you steal a passenger jet and fly it directly up the bumhole of a sun-bathing prostitute? Just cause! Praise and large quantities of gamer pussy will swiftly follow. However, this pun is so obvious that every game journalist and their cat and their cat's squeaky toy will have used it, so you may have to post-modernly draw attention to that fact at the start of your review so everyone assumes you're using the joke ironically. Remember, the ironic gamer pussy is just as soft and lovely as the regular kind. Next week on "How to Be a Video Games Journalist," digging out your higher brain functions with the end of a ballpoint pen.

Just Cause 2 is a sandbox game in which CIA operative and immortal, physics-defying wizard Rico Rodriguez is inserted into some kind of Southeast Asian dictatorship to destabilize it with his giant, exploding testicles. Why? Just Cause! Truth be told, I never quite figured out why. Not that a reason is needed. Asking players to go into a sandbox game and cause chaos and destruction is like asking a cat to lie on somebody's face while they're trying to sleep.

It's a good thing I'm sick of realistic shooters, because Just Cause 2's relationship with realism is limited to a fleeting farewell peck on the cheek before leaping aboard Leprechaun Flight 101 to the dark side of Mars. Warlock master of time and space Rico Rodriguez has a magic, momentum-cancelling hook shot that can propel him into any surface within range. And he also possesses the ability to pull unlimited numbers of parachutes literally out of his arse. And he doesn't even need them to break his fall, because he can hook shot into the ground when you're close enough and escape unharmed. That's right, the best way to survive smacking into concrete at terminal velocity is to smack into it slightly faster. Maybe it's a homeopathic thing.

Just Cause 2 is a game for fucking around. You unlock story missions by doing the side missions, and you unlock side missions by blowing shit up, so the fucking around is what holds everything together, like the chocolate around a Twix. It's just that the rest of the Twix has been chewed up a bit and gobbed back onto the plate, 'cause the actual missions are rather slapdash. The worst part of the game is the stronghold missions, which are required to unlock more territory, because they're all as routine as brushing your teeth: break into a base, 2, 3, give everyone a bullet pasty, 3, 4, shoot down a helicopter and bam! Let the Kentucky Fried Revolution open for business. Applaudable in a way; making wanton destruction boring takes some real effort. 041b061a72


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